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Clean Green Detox Juice

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The Clean Green Juice is a simple combination of cucumbers & celery with some fresh herbs. This juice provides a good dose of vitamin A & K along with other minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. It is a natural energy booster and tastes quite good, little sweet and salty.

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Cucumber Mint Summer Drink

Hydrating Summer Cooler (Raw & Plant-Based)

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Fresh cucumber cooler is best rejuvenating tonic water. My version of drink is simple, quick yet delicious. This cooler is superb hydrating drink that is rich in vitamins and minerals. I have given this name “Cucumber Cooler” not because it is chilled or loaded with ice but the recipe includes ...

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Vegan Sugar-free Chikoo & Nut Smoothie

Chikoo & Nuts Thick Shake (Vegan & Sugar-Free)

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Chikoo fruit is also known as Sapodilla, Sapota or Naseberry. My version of classic fresh Chikoo fruit thick shake is vegan and sugar-free. When chikoo fruit is combined with wonderful nuts and seeds like almond, walnuts, chia etc., it makes Milkshake extremely satisfying, filling and yummy. Fresh Chikoo fruit ...

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