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Chef Shraddha PatelBeing a business co-owner, my work hours tend to be very long. Coming home after a long exhausting day all you are looking for is a fast and easy option to put on the table whether it’s dining out or getting a take out. But being a yoga teacher, certified in Plant-Based Nutrition & meditator, having outside junk food is perhaps my last option. I am very conscious of what I am putting in my body. Just like you wouldn’t accept junk ideas from anyone in your mind, why should you accept junk food into your body? I strongly believe you are what you eat. Also, the way I grew up as a child eating freshly cooked vegetarian food every single day by my mom made it very important for me to have homemade food. In my opinion, homemade food is more satisfying, more fulfilling and you know what goes into the making.

I already knew cooking good Indian home-made food. But being a foodie, I love to try out new cuisines. So I started to explore ways to cook quick whole plant-based and tasty food. I tried my own recipes for Indian, Italian, Mexican, Asian and other cuisines and came up with a plant powered delicious recipes. Yes, We (me and my husband) joyfully follow a WHOLE PLANT-BASED DIET, which means no animal product/sugar/oil/refine flour/processed food/packed food.

Within a few years, I came up with so many different recipes that I couldn’t keep track of them anymore. Whenever I used to ask my husband for what he wanted to have for a meal, he used to jokingly ask me to create a website with recipes posted on it from which he could pick what he wanted to have. Also, I have shared my recipes with so many friends & family members who loved my food. It was my wish to share my recipes with everyone so with my hubby’s motivation & support, I decided to create my own website.

I am not a trained chef but a creative cook by heart. It is said that when you put your heart into cooking, the food tastes better and is even more fulfilling. And it is so true! Besides the taste aspect, I being VEGAN/PLANT-BASED  the dishes are prepared to ensure good mind-body balance & positive pranic (Positive Vital life force in Sanskrit)  values that ensure your well-being. I eat SATVIK food and share SATVIK recipes. I playfully follow & share “WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED DIET“, no oil, no sugar & no processed food to help friends/family to prevent and reverse diseases. Use “FOOD as MEDICINE” to heal and cure yourself, the best preventive lifestyle!

Finally, I would like to dedicate this site for all working professionals who prefer to have tasty home-made food but have a challenge in coming up with a quick yet healthy recipe for themselves & their family thereby maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you, momma, for your chef genetics and thanks to hubby for your support.

Food, Yoga, Meditation can heal & transform your life. Health is loving your life.

Enjoy Whole Plant-Powered Food… Stay Healthy… Keep Smiling… Be Happy!

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