Garlic Herbs Asparagus Recipe | Oil-Free Vegan Asparagus Recipe

Garlic & Herb Asparagus

  • Servings : 4-6
  • Prep Time : 5m
  • Cook Time : 10m
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This side dish is super easy and healthy and takes no time to plate up. This appetizer is vegan, oil-free and tasty; it can be easily customized to your taste preferences. I am sharing 3 simple version of same asparagus side dish – Oil-Free Asparagus, Garlic Butter & Herbs Asparagus and Roasted Herb & Cheese Asparagus. Asparagus is crunchy and melts in the mouth;  can be a good accompaniment with any pasta dish or entrée


  • 1 Pound – Asparagus, washed
  • 2 tablespoon – Water
  • Sea salt to taste (I have used Himalayan Pink Salt)
  • 1 clove – Garlic, minced
  • Black Pepper, freshly cracked
  • 1 teaspoon – Parmesan Cheese, grated (Optional)
  • 1 teaspoon – Virgin Olive Oil (Optional)
  • Parsley or Basil or dried Oregano or Italian blend Herbs
Steamed AsparagusGarlic Butter Herb AsparagusOil-Free AsparagusHerb Cheese Asparagus


Step 1

Oil-Free Method: In a pan, add asparagus, water and season it with salt. Cook it for about 5 minutes stirring it occasionally. Note: Do not cover the pan with the lid, you want to retain the green color of asparagus and also keep the crunch. Season it with herbs & pepper. Serve it hot

Step 2

Garlic & Herbs Method: In a pan melt butter and sauté garlic until fragrant. Now add asparagus & salt. Cook it for about 5 minutes stirring it occasionally. Turn off the flame and add herbs & pepper

Step 3

Baked Herbs & Cheese Method: In a baking sheet, add asparagus, drizzle olive, salt, pepper & herbs. Bake it for about 10 minutes stirring it occasionally. Garnish it with parmesan cheese and broil it for 5 mins. Drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle more cheese & pepper before serving.


  • For all the above recipes – Do not cover the pan with a lid. Sauté asparagus just until 60% cooked.
  • Asparagus tastes better when it is still green and crunchy. Do not overcook the asparagus.
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