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Jamun / Black Plum Fruit

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Jamun Black Plum Fruit

Whenever I see this purple fruit, it reminds me of my childhood when I used to climb a tree to pluck soft, sweet & juicy Jamun fruit. The botanical name of Jamun is Syzygium Cumini. Also known as java or black plum, this seasonal berry is available from June-August.

The underrated jamun, or Indian blackberry, is a nutritional powerhouse. You can enjoy the benefit of eating the fruit as well as powder of the seeds. Jamuns are low on calories, which makes them the perfect healthy snack.
Jamun Fruit
There are countless benefits of enjoying this seasonal fruit-

  • May Help Manage Diabetes. Jamuns are best known for their ability to regulate blood sugar level.
  • Aid digestion and promote natural bowel movement
  • Boosts Stomach Health
  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
  • May Boost Immunity
  • Aids Weight Loss
  • Jamun juice has bioactive phytochemicals that minimize the risk of liver disease and cancer.
  • Improves hemoglobin count
  • Keeps skin healthy
  • Maintain oral health

The powder of the seeds of Jamun is highly beneficial in reducing the blood sugar level. It also promotes digestion and is effective for a healthy heart and liver. It is also essential for maintaining bone health, blood dysentery, hoarseness, bilious diarrhea, bed wetting in children and excessive urination in adults.

Note: For my North American friends, you can find this fruit in local Indian stores in June-July.

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